Ultimate Packages
                                   for your health and beauty……
Back-ial  Heated Stone Massage Retreat   
A unique spa  experience, which will completely rejuvenate the skin, and re-balance the back of the
body.  We begin with a deep cleanse of your back, then exfoliate it with herbal infusion of organic
essential oils and cream, continuing  with a mini massage of the back using our basalt heated  stones  
with warm oil up and down the spine using energizing massage strokes
60 minutes  $75.00   
Add On:  90 minutes $90.00 for heated stone massage of the entire back, legs and feet

Aroma Retreat
This experience will help you find your energy and balance throughout the day.  Your full body
massage will be personalized with your choice of our Organic Aromatherapy blends, Energizing for
Inspiration, Revitalizing for renewal or Soothing for relaxation, and Calming for relief of tension to
calm the body and your nerves.
60  minutes $75.00
90 minutes $95.00
Choice of Organic Essential Oils:
Lavender – soothing
Lemongrass – revitalizing
Peppermint – energizing
Roman Chamomile - calming
Total Rejuvenation Experience
This is a popular full body massage which will allow your therapist to apply various massage
techniques  from our Regular Treats menu to help you achieve a total body rejuvenation experience.
60 minutes  $75.00
90 minutes  $100.00                                
Pamper Me Express
Pamper yourself with our 30 minute express facial and a 60 minute full body relaxing massage.
60 minutes $100.00
Add on Heated Stone Therapy $115.00
Add On:  Aromatherapy $115.00
Add On Heated Stone and Aromatherapy $130.00
                                                             Feet First
Vanilla Ice Foot Scrub and Soak  
For those tired achy feet, try our delicious foot bath, afterwards exfoliate your tired feet in our home-
made Vanilla Ice Exfoliate Cream followed by a 5 minute foot massage and moisturize your feet with
our Vanilla Ice Butter Balm leaving your feet smooth, soft and smelling deliciously of Vanilla!!!
30 minutes 45.00
Aromatic Foot Scrub & Massage
Your  feet will first be soaked in a  soothing or refreshing warm foot bath, next a  foot scrub to relax
your tired, sore or  cracked feet.  Followed by a full body massage with herbal extracts and pure organic
aromatic essential oils of Lavender (soothing) or peppermint (refreshing) or orange and ginger
90 minutes $115.00   
Aqua Chi Detox Foot Therapy Treatment
A unique water and ionization experience, balancing the blood, energy and systems of the body.  
Many persons report decreased muscle,  joint and arthritic pain, decreased discomfort from fungus and
yeast disorders, improved energy, mental clarity and overall well-being.
30 minutes $45.00 or
Pay for  (Series of 6  - $270) and the 7th one “we give to you for free”!

All prices subject to change without prior notice.
          Fact About Facials                        
Why Get Facials?  Facials can uplift the spirit by encouraging
you to relax and take time for yourself, and renew
motivation to consistently care for your ever-changing,
hard-working skin.  Some of the numerous benefits of facial
treatments are:

**Deep cleansing to remove embedded impurities

**Gentle exfoliation to remove dry, dulling skin cells

**Massage to promote circulation and relaxation

**Treatment mask to calm, hydrate and brighten skin

**Concentrated serums and moisturizer to nourish and protect

Facials are most beneficial when repeated every 1-2 months,
as skin cells are naturally renewed on a 4-8 week cycle.
Facial  Treaments
You will leave the spa more relaxed
and a refreshed glow to your skin!

Express Facial.  This facial, quickly
removes debris and make-up without
the use of detergents.  Infused with
fresh seaweed and olive oil extracts,
this advance formula deep cleans,
purifies and soothes the skin.  
30 minutes $45.00

Rose Hydro Stone Face Massage
Using contrast hydrotherapy, heated
and cold stones are glided along the
face to firm the skin and bring more
blood flow to the face using our
organic jojoba oil.  The arms,
shoulders, neck and feet are then
massaged with warm stones.  Aromatic
mists of Rose Oil used to tone face.  A
refreshing, invigorating treatment for
50 minutes $60.00

Four Layer Anti-Aging & Wrinkle
Free Facial
.  This is a one-of-a-kind
facial treatment works magic, leaving
the skin rehydrated, re-mineralized,
re-balance and looking better than
ever.    You will leave the spa with  
improved skin-tone and texture, new
softness and smoothness and a
reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.  
For all face skin types.  
90 minutes $85.00
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Spa Buddies (For Two)
A relaxing full body massage  FOR TWO, in our couples room, each with your own  therapist.  
You will each be introduced to our  'BASALT HEATED STONES' that we will glide over the
body to ease tensions and relax your muscles!
**not recommended for pregnant moms, or heart conditions (high blood pressure) and extreme
skin conditions.**
60 minutes $115.00 (per couple)

Ultimate Spa Buddies  Heated Stone Massage (For Two)
A relaxing full body massage FOR TWO, in our couples room, each with your own therapist.  
You will each experience a one hour heated stone massage with your choice of
Sweet Almond, Lavender or Vanilla Spice Oil that we will use to glide the stones all over the
body to ease tensions and relax your muscles!
60 minutes $155.00 (per couple)
90 minutes $185.00 (per couple)

Sheer Bliss (For One)
This treatment includes a 60 minute full body massage with heated basalt stones that are glided
over the body for better circulation; a 30 minute foot reflex session and a Chakra Balance
(specific organic essential oils are dropped along the center of the bodies 7 major endocrine
glands up towards the crown of the head) to release tensions and confusion in the body!!!
2 hours $125.00

Absolutely Fabulous (For One)
You will enjoy a 90 minute full body massage followed by a 30 minute foot reflex session and
our signature, Four Layer Anti-Aging Facial.
3 hours $190.00