Regular Treats
At Totally Pampered Day Spa we specialize in customizing your therapeutic massage
service.  Whether it is to relax your sore muscles from a hard day at work, or to detox
your body of unwanted toxins, or a day of beauty at the spa, we will help you to achieve
 a total balance of mind, body and spirit!
Swedish Massage Therapy  
A soothing traditional massage using our warmed oil to help induces a state of
total  relaxation.  You will feel an ease in muscle tensions, increased circulation,
increased lymphatic flow and relief of pain.
60 minutes $55.00    
90 minutes $75.00
Add On  $10.00 for Vanilla Spice, Lavender or Sweet Almond Oil  
Deep Tissue Massage
A more intense massage than Swedish , where we use firmer pressure with our
hands and sometimes elbows to release chronic and acute tensions,  stress and
any discomfort for increased circulation and relief of pain.
60 minutes $70.00
90 minutes $90.00
Add On  $10.00 for Lavender or our  Joint Free Oil
Heated Stone Massage  
This massage technique incorporates the use of heated, lightly oiled stones to
enhance a head-to-toe massage.  Tension melts away as you lie on a bed of
smooth stones, or as they glide over your muscles.  A once-in-a-lifetime must or
perhaps once a month for a lifetime!
*not recommended for pregnant mothers, if you have heart problems (high
blood pressure) or extreme skin conditions.**
60 minutes $75.00    
90 minutes $100.00
Mommy To Be Massage
This therapy will help ease mommy’s muscular tensions and leg swelling,
discomfort associated with pregnancy.  A side lying position allows for a
comfortable and safe means of achieving deep relaxation for you and your
baby on the way!
**Mommy must be past her first trimester for this service.**
60 minutes $65.00
An ancient Eastern therapeutic massage technique using the thumb and
fingers to apply pressure to specific points on the feet (and hands) to rebalance
the functions of your internal organs.
30 minutes $45.00
La Stone Therapy
A connection to ‘body-mind-soul” where you will experience basalt, jade,
sardonyx or marble heated stones, cold stones, chilled stones, and room
temperature stones  called Geo-Thermo- Therapy, applied to the body to bring
about relief to stiff and sore muscles, resulting in alleviation of chronic and
acute problems.   
90 minutes  $ 110.00
*not recommended for pregnant mothers,  or heart problems (high blood
pressure) or extreme skin conditions.   
Thai Yoga Floor Massage  
Ancient eastern technique from exotic Thailand where therapist will use subtle
energy moves and yoga stretches on client to bring balance and strength to the
body.   This massage is done on the floor using a yoga mat.  Client needs to
wear loose fitting clothes.
90 minutes for $100.00
Shiatsu Floor Massage
Japanese form of physical therapy concentrating on pressure points and stretch
techniques done on the floor with a yoga mat to balance vital energy and
restore and re-balance clients body.  Client needs to wear loose fitting clothes.
60  minutes   for  $85.00
Ear Candling  
Non invasive procedure that gently extracts earwax and other impurities from
the ear canal.   While  candle inserted into the ear, the heat from the flame
creates a stimulating, soothing, warming effect to the tissues in and around the
ear.  The result is a stimulation of lymphatic drainage in the entire head and
neck region.    May also aid in clearing sinus congestion and ear infections.  
Includes a relaxing five minute facial massage.  The real power of Ear
Candling comes from repeat treatments.  Each additional treatment brings your
body to  a higher state of well-being.
30 minutes $45.00
All service prices are subject  to change without prior notice.
***To SAVE, buy packages of 3 massages from our Regular Treats
menu for yourself or for a friend, and receive a 10% savings.***
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