History of Ayurveda
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                                        Ayurveda - The Science of Life

Ayurveda is the healing system from ancient India and is over 5000 years old.

Ayurveda recognizes ten different metabolic body types and all treatments within the program are
specifically designed to fit each person.

Ayurveda has proven that people are able to balance their own health through understanding
their body type and using appropriate diet, herbs and lifestyles.

Ayurveda heals the root of the dis-ease, rather than focusing on the alleviation of symptoms.  
Modalities include nutritional and lifestyle changes, ayurveda massage, herbs, yoga, meditation,
mantra, mindfulness, sound, color, crystal and aromatherapy.

Ayurveda is based on the idea that the universe is composed of five basic elements.  The five
elements, known as the panchamahabhutas, combine to form the three vital energies, the doshas.  
Once you possess this beautiful knowledge, your visit to the allopathic doctor will be less
frequent or never.

The three vital energies classifies our individual constitution into 3 parts; Vata, Pitta and Kapha.  
These three parts exist within all of the universe and within the human body to construct and
maintain our physical beings, and they determine, by their proportions, our unique characteristics
and traits.
                                            The Three Doshas

is the most powerful of the doshas.  Vata is the energy responsible for movement, circulation
and the body in motion;  the transportation of nervous impulses, respiration, heartbeat and muscle
contraction.  As such it circulates the blood and lymph, draws and expels air from the lungs,
moves food through the digestive system and eliminates waste.  Individuals with a Vata-
dominant body type are generally very tall, thin and active, but lack the stamina for prolonged
activity and therefore often depend on caffeine and sugar for stimulation.  They tend to feel
restless, anxiety-ridden, hyperactive and isolated when they are out of balance.  They are prone to
dry skin, constipation, Parkinson’s, panic attacks, anorexia, addictions and sciatica.  The Vata-
dominant personality also has rapid chaotic speech and frequent changes of mind.  When Vata
dominant is in balance, they are creative, clear, spontaneous, funny and always planning a trip
somewhere new.

Pitta regulates the body controlling its metabolism.  It handles digestion of food, release and
absorption of hormones, production of heat,  cooling and  enzymatic productivity.  Pitta converts
our impulses into thoughts.  The Pitta-dominant body type typically manifests itself in a well-
proportioned, medium in size.  They tend to have more sensitive skin, often overly sensitive, liver
and eye disorders, heartburn and sensitive teeth.  They are usually active, particularly in sports,
where they can be fiercely competitive.  They are passionate and dedicated, but can be intolerant,
and irritable.  When they are in balance, they are excellent academically, leaders, fearless warriors,
teachers and love to be the center of attention.

Kapha is responsible for storage, protection, lubrication, mucous, and the production of fats and
oils.  It builds the body and forms its structure; skeleton, muscles, organs, ligaments, tendons and
skin.  Kapha-dominant individuals have big bones and big bodies, thick hair, strong, big teeth,
and large attractive eyes.  They move slowly and gracefully, and exhibit great endurance.  They
are similarly slow to anger, and their loyalty makes them valued friends.   They can also be
greedy, apathetic and cloudy-headed when they are out of balance.  They are prone to obesity,
clogged arteries, oily skin and diabetes.    When they are in balance, they are compassionate,
steady, articulate, healthy, sweet, reliable and love food, sleep and laughter.
                                              Ayurveda Services

Ayurveda Consultation  
This is a personal, informative and effective support program designed for your healing and
health maintenance.  You are uniquely different from anyone else.  During an initial consultation
and current state of doshas you will be assessed using different techniques and evaluation
methods, so as to help create a personal program according to your specific situation and
individual case.   Be prepared to arrive 15- 20 minutes before your scheduled consultation as your
intake form will determine your constitution (dosha).

Recommendations may include proper diet, (you will be given a list of foods), gradual lifestyle
changes, herbal nutrition, essential oils, cleansing and rejuvenating therapies to remove toxins,
always taking into consideration individual factors such as age, health state, lifestyle,
environment and goals.

During your initial consultation you will also be given a welcome package with the basic guiding
tools to learn how to apply the ancient yet practical knowledge of Ayurveda in your life.    
Furthermore, we will make sure you understand what you’re doing and why, every step of the
way, while guiding you on this process at your own pace and according to your own needs.
90 minutes    $90.00
Ayurveda Follow-ups  
Follow-up consultations are the utmost importance in Ayurveda, since those are the times when
you can review your program, see what works for you and what needs adjustment, or even just for
encouragement!  Throughout your follow-ups you will deepen the understanding of your
constitution and how internal and external factors affect it, as well as how to counteract or nullify
those factors.
45 minutes $55.00
The knowledge, explanations and suggestions offered herein regarding Totally Pampered Ayurveda
are not intended to substitute or replace the need for attention by a qualified health
care professional.  They are intended as a guide and source of insight and information to assist you
to maintain and promote a healthy lifestyle and to work more efficiently with your health care
practitioner toward your goals of health, harmony and prosperity
Ayurveda Heated Stone Therapy
This massage will incorporate the art of using our heated stones which are glided and laid upon
oiled muscles with a customized organic Ayurveda oil made specific for your body type for a
complete mind, body and soul experience.  *
This treatment will introduce oil into the hair.  For
optimum results we recommend that the oil remain in the hair for a minimum of two hours.**
75 minutes  $100.00 (without a mini shirodhara)
90 minutes  $125.00 (with a chakra balance)
90 minutes  $135.00 (with a mini shirodhara oil therapy)
110 minutes $160.00 (with a mini shirodhara and chakra balance)
Ayurveda Indian  Massage  
Uses long deep massage strokes and specially formulated organic essential oils made specific for
your body type, using  Marma points (the forerunner of acupuncture points) to stimulate and
energize your body back into balance.
60 minutes   $70.00
4 handed Indian  Massage  
Two therapist massage client in synchronicity with techniques such as marma points (perquisite
to acupressure points).  Selected medicated custom oil blends are made for you according to your
constitutional body type.  Marma Point Therapy balances the nervous system and the soothing
massage dissolves holding patterns which can cause aging.
60 minutes $145.00  
Ayurveda Cellulite Massage
Our hand made Ayurvedic Cellulite Oil is designed to heat the subcutaneous fat.  Our organic
Ayurveda exotic oils  will detoxify and stimulate circulation and increase the metabolism of the
tissue just below the skin.  Our warm heated stones will send the oil deeper into the tissue to
break down toxic accumulations.
60 minutes $90.00
Shirodhara Oil Therapy  
Focused streaming of special warmed organic oils onto the forehead which produces an exquisite
state of harmony bringing balance to your emotions and mind.  This treatment can be done alone,
but excellent when included with a massage for a complete and total transformation of mind,
body and soul!!!
 *This treatment will introduce oil into the hair.  For optimum results we
recommend that the oil remain in the hair for a minimum of two hours.**
30 minutes  $65.00
30 minutes $50 (with a massage)
Chakra Balance
Selected exotic essential oils are applied to the 7 major endocrine glands up the center of the
body; also with the use of color therapy, and affirmations, these oils will assist the client -  process
of awakening harmony within the body for maximum mental clarity.      
30 minutes $35.00
30 minutes  $25.00 (with a massage)